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We believe improv is for everyone. We’re all storytellers, we’re all funny, and we all have talents. Within a safe and welcoming environment, we’ll teach you the skills and concepts you need to perform improvised theatre, while helping you find your voice as an improvisor. Whether you’re just discovering improvisation or refining your skills and looking for opportunities to present them on stage, our goal is to train and develop Vancouver’s best improvisors.


Our approach to teaching improvisation is practical, objective based, and adapts to meet the needs of our students. You’ll understand what our objectives are and receive the feedback you need to meet them. Advanced improvisors also have the opportunity to work with us to meet the objectives you set for yourself as an improvisor, or an ensemble.


Get to Know Us

Since 1994 Instant Theatre has produced improvisational theatre performances and trained generations of improvisors through the education programs it has offered or sponsored in the community. Its legacy has long been established through the exceptional shows, festivals, and improvisors it has produced in that time, which have become part of the fabric of the Vancouver improv community. After a pandemic hiatus Instant Theatre is returning to the stages and studios of the city to continue that legacy, with a new look and new team behind it.

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